Custom Pedalboard Systems 01

Custom Pedalboard Systems
Diamond Pedals, Diamond Pedals Memory Lane Jr., Ge fuzz, Pedalboard, Re-housed Fulltone '69 mk1, Re-housed Paul C. Timmy, Re-housed Silver Klon Centaur, Small pedalboard
About This Project
Small ‘fly date’ pedalboard designed to be as compact as possible while still offering the user a variety of tonal options. The system is powered by a modded T-Rex power supply.
The signal chain is as follow:
Si/Ge fuzz — Re-housed Paul C. Timmy — Re-housed Fulltone ’69 mk1 — Re-housed Silver Klon Centaur — Diamond Memory Lane Jr.
The aluminum board measures 40cm x 35cm x 2cm.
Small size and light weight!