Custom Pedalboard Systems 02

Custom Pedalboard Systems
CIOKS DC 10, Diamond Compressor, Diamond Memory Lane 2, Diamond Pedals, Diamond Tremolo, Ge fuzz, Klon Centaur, Mid-sized pedalboard, Pedalboard, Spaceman Aphelion
About This Project

2-tier compact pedalboard for 6 pedals powered by 1 Cioks DC10.

The signal chain is as follow:
Germanium fuzz face — Diamond Pedals Compressor — Klon Centaur — Spaceman Effects Aphelion — Diamond Tremolo — Diamond Memory Lane 2.

The aluminum board measures 50cm x 35cm x 10cm.

Tiered boards allow to easily access the back row pedals with zero risk of accidentally bumping the knobs of the front row pedals. This specific design also allows to save substantial space by ‘hiding’ the power supply under the back row.